Prince William becomes protective of wife Kate


After the interview of Prince Harry and Meghan with Oprah Winfrey, wherein Meghan revealed that Kate made her cry at the time of her wedding, Prince William has started becoming very protective of wife Kate after this accusation. It has been stated that Prince William is angry as Meghan named Kate and threw her in negative light and it was even worse than being attacked himself. However, Meghan also disclosed that Kate apologized to her after the incident. She in fact took her flowers along with a note of apology.

The entire royals were extremely angry after the interview. Meghan had also mentioned that there was a discussion among the royal family members with Prince Harry about the colour of the then unborn Archie’s skin tone. However, she refused to name anyone in particular. Meghan also disclosed that she was denied help when she felt suicidal. These were the reasons that made the couple step back from their royal duties. The interview with Oprah Winfrey was the couple’s first joint interview since their royal exit, which they recently made permanent. The decision to step back from royal duties was made in January 2020.



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