Prime Minister Narendra Modi turns 70 today

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will celebrate his 70th birthday today. He was born on September 17th 1950 in a middle class family in Vadnagar, Gujarat and was the third of four children. His father Damodardas had a small tea shop and Modi used to take the tea in a kettle and sell it to passengers at the Vadnagar Railway station.
Modi was an eloquent speaker even during his school days. He joined the RSS in 1971 and moved over to Delhi. He graduated in Political Science from the Delhi University and obtained his Master’s degree from the Gujarat University. He became the BJP’s Gujarat unit Organizing Secretary due to his hard work and efficiency. He slowly took charge of the party in Gujarat and became the Chief Minister of the state in 2001. He continued in the post till 2014 after which he became the 14th Prime Minister of India on 26th May, 2014. A lesser known fact about Modi is that he likes visiting the Himalayas with his friends.


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