Prepare To Be Entranced By Shobana’s ‘Trance’ !


Padma Shri Shobana once again presents the beautiful performance ‘Trance’ at Kochi! 

The actress and dancer, Shobana, never ceases to surprise her audience! Now she is back in Kochi for yet another special performance of ‘Trance’ at the Shree Bhaskareeyam Convention Centre, Elamakkara on November 1st, 2017 at 5.30pm. Shobana’s Trance is a quest to present Indian performing traditions in a collage of rhythm, kaleidoscope of colors, Sensual poetry and traditional Bharatnatyam. The ever-evolving mythology of Siva, the avatars of Vishnu, Mary Magdalene among other streams of consciousness is re-contextualized in a form rich in movement and visual imagery. Complimented by a sonic fabric ranging from indian classical,​ Bollywood and electronic music for audiences to be regaled and transported into the primordial state of being in Trance.



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