Praawolion Eventz Presents Prawlion Fashion Week


Far-famed for being masterminds behind the greatest and grandest events, especially in the world of fashion events. Prawolion Eventz is all set to bring yet another embellishment to the city by hosting the grand fashion event Prawlion Fashion Week in Chennai on 2nd and 3rd of November 2019. The fashion week boasting of the top-notch fashion designers and institutes with the biggest names walking on the ramp is conceived for a social cause.

The event will be organized by the multi-faceted Prabhakaran PC, Fashion Designer Bandhana Narula, and Chennai based designer Deepika Pillai. The fashion show will be choreographed by the Celebrity Fashion Choreographer Karun Raman and all of them were present at the press meet to give an insight into the upcoming event.



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