Playlist: GV Prakash Kumar’s Greatest Hits


When it comes to Tamil cinema, there are a lot of experienced and legendary music composers and GV Prakash is one of them. The famous music composer reached the status of a musical giant at a very young age. GV Prakash Kumar made his debut as an actor a few years ago, no one could have predicted that he would slide into the premier league of Kollywood actors with such ease. On and off the screen, he maintains a low profile with no starry airs, humility in his actions, and sincerity in his words. So on the birthday of this composer turned actor, here the 6 best songs that became the music of the year.

Un Mela Aasadhaan

This movie came out in 2009 and GV Prakash came with one of the most amazing albums for the Karthi and Andrea starrer. The best song was Un Mela Aasadhaan, a very fun song that also had a very Arabian vibe to it. This song is particularly enjoyable for people who have a thing for someone!

Kaadhal Yen Kaadhal

This one is perfect for people suffering from heartbreaks and became so popular that people who didn’t even know of this movie, yet somehow knew about the song. Dhanush sang this song which made it even more special. Also, GV Prakash’s energetic music filled with trumpets and drums makes for the perfect song to get over your ex.

Otha Sollaala

The famous Dhanush song from Aadukalam is set when Taapsee Pannu says she likes him and he goes crazy with happiness as he dances on the streets. Of course, GV Prakash delivered the perfect rustic number with so much energy and happiness that it will get any guy dancing. Definitely one of the best songs from Prakash.


This song is from the famous romantic film Raja Rani which was Atlee’s debut as a director. One of the reasons that this film worked so well was due to GV Prakash’s music, which matched perfectly with the pulse of the youth. This song itself is so peppy and full of energy with electric guitar and rock-like beginning with plenty of variety brought in by Nadaswaram to keep things interesting.

En Jeevan

This super romantic and passionate number between Vijay and Samantha in Theri is a melodic masterpiece. This one song is proof enough that GV Prakash is more than capable of scoring melodic as well as funky and techno tracks as the occasion demands.

Pookkal Pookkum Tharunam

This is a delightful song that speaks the love between a Madrasi man and a British woman. The soulful track is the favourite for all and the song also has an English portion sung by Andrea. 



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