Photographer falls into pool during wedding shoot


In a hilarious incident, a photographer who was taking pictures of a wedding ceremony in India got a bit too immersed in his work that he failed to notice a pool behind him, and accidentally fell into it.

As the bride and groom were walking out of the villa, a team of photographers got together to capture the moment. Two of them were seen retreating backwards totally engulfed in their work when one of them fell into the pool behind him. Thankfully, he managed to get out of the water with help from his colleague and saved his camera from any damage.
The video of this incident was shared on Instagram. The page also shared another video where the camera captures the expressions of the bride and groom who were shocked to see the photographer fall into the pool.
The video has been getting mixed reactions from users. While some found the incident hilarious, others were impressed by the dedication of the photographer.



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