Perks of Being Single on Valentines Day


As the day of love approaches the people getting most irritated are all those single people who envy couples gifting each other’s teddies, Chocolates, roses etc. If people think being single is the most left out aspect of Valentine’s day here are some tips on how being single is a blessing in disguise in the season of love.

No Stress on Planning an Expensive Date

On Valentines Day couple stress on where to go on the perfect date. The best part of being single is that no one worries on that extravagant date or that perfect gift. People need not spend time in their perfect suit to please their loved one, One can just return home and laze around the whole day.  The ‘Single’ status has guaranteed a stress-free Valentines Day.

No Expectation Level

Unintentionally or not couples have a certain level of expectation for Valentines Day we all have some expectations from our partner on this day. Would he gift me a surprise gift? Does she have any plan in mind? are the questions that run in the minds of the couples during Valentines Day. Well while being single, there are no expectations from anyone, except your own self! The only thing you want is to be happy,

No Unnecessary Expenses

You will be grateful to your savings on this day as there won’t be the stress of spending money on expensive gifts or footing the bill of a Fine Dining restaurant. One would rather invest this money on yourself whenever necessary.

Catching up with friends

What about having a fun evening with your friends who are single? Chit-chat over some good food and wine and you all may come down to the conclusion that Valentine’s Day is way too overrated!

Living Life on Your Own Terms

Honestly, there’s no dearth of potential dates around on Valentine’s Day. But the fact that you are single and happy in your own company implies that you are living your life on your own terms. You don’t want to settle for anything less than you deserve and will only step into a relationship for all the right reasons.



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