Pearson launches MyPedia – an integrated learning programme in Hyderabad


Pearson, the world’s leading learning company today announced the launch of MyPedia, an advanced programme that aims to transform the education delivery across school classrooms in India. It is an integrated learning programme that promises measurable improvement in the cognitive skills of the learner. Based on 5i learning process, the focus of MyPedia is to actively engage students in the learning process, help develop their critical thinking skills, stronger understanding of concepts and create meaningful learning experiences.

It is an academic partnership programme, where there is a measurement and tracking of the stated programme objectives and continuous partnering and enablement of the key stakeholders of the learning process – teachers and parents with learners at the centre.

MyPedia comprises teaching plans which bring together the course book, workbook, videos and assessments. Learning is extended beyond classrooms through a HomeApp, which connects parents to the learning process. Students can scan images in the textbooks using a smart phone and watch these videos, providing them personalized and anytime, anywhere learning. The application can be downloaded on any android mobile phone. Parents can access digital resources, reports on daily assessment and monitor the school progress of their children.

MyPedia helps students integrate their learning across subjects, allowing them to learn in a more comprehensive manner, reason abstractly and quantitatively. Its unique features help students understand different learning layers, where each layer comprises the skills and concepts that a student needs to learn in a particular grade. These solid layers of concepts built over time helps students to break away from compartmentalization of subjects.

It combines the best in curriculum & content, digital & technology, assessment framework and training. MyPedia’ s assessment architecture goes deep to cull out learning gaps, even at a sub-topic level, which in traditional methods often go unnoticed. This in turn equips educators to provide quick and individual-level remedial interventions, resulting in enhanced conceptual clarity and improvement in overall performance of young ones.


Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Ujjwal Singh, Vice President, Product – K12, Pearson India said, “Today’s learners are growing up in an increasingly complex world. Developing critical thinking skills through programmes such as MyPedia will equip them to deal with the challenges they confront in a dynamic digital and information age. Such a programme is imperative not only for students but also for teachers.  Through MyPedia, schools and parents can be assured of measurable improvement in thinking skills of the learner, 

One of the teachers who experienced MyPedia said, “This is an extremely comprehensive and easy-to-access programme. It includes a suggestive detailed learning plan along with an activity kit and practice workbooks that help us assess a student’s progress and identify learning gaps. The Teacher portal in MyPedia is mapped to respective grades and subjects. We can easily assign practice assessments to specific class and can also view the performance of students on the assignments given.”

Bringing together diverse disciplines in a comprehensive manner for students and teachers, the programme enables deeper understanding of complex associations and influences within a topic. The product also allows parents to seamlessly communicate with teachers and equips them to track their child’s progress and lend the required support. A systematic teaching plan for teachers in MyPedia allows them to plan yearly academics in a strategic and effective manner. Students will benefit by connecting new learning experiences to their existing body of knowledge, assumptions and understandings and acquire skills needed in an ever-evolving information and digital age.

About Pearson

Pearson is the world’s leading Education Company, present in over 70 countries and educating more than 150 million people worldwide. In India Pearson provides educational content, materials, technologies, assessments and related services to institutions, educators and learners of all ages. Pearson in India has diverse offerings across school, higher and professional education.



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