Paris Jackson gives insights into her childhood


Paris Jackson, daughter of late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, has given rare insights into her childhood. The 22 year old spoke about her very privileged childhood. She stated that her father always kept her grounded and instilled a strong work ethic in all his children. She stated that he made sure that his children were cultured and educated. He also made them see third world countries and every part of the spectrum.

Paris thanked her dad for the magic 11 years after his death. She also posted a number of pictures on Instagram with a post saying “Miss and love you every day. Thank you for the magic.”

She gave insights into the precious relationship she shared with her father and how he saw her as his “princess”. Paris was just 11 years old when Michael Jackson passed away. Though she still finds it difficult to cope with the loss, she honours his legacy by continuing to share details about their time together. She explained that she was the favourite kid because she was the only girl and was perfect in her dad’s eyes.
Paris Jackson has her hands full with modelling contracts, endorsement deals and an upcoming drama series on Fox TV.



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