Panic button for women


The Emergency Response Support System has introduced the Panic Button scheme across 18 States including Tamil Nadu. It will now enable women in distress to dial 112 from their phone and press power button on smartphones three times to connect to the emergency response centre. The women who do not have smartphones have to long press 5 or 9 key on their  phones  to activate the panic call. The Central Government  has allocated Rs 321. 69 crores from the Nirbhaya fund to implement the scheme across the country.

The Additional Commissioner  of Police, Chennai Traffic Mr M. Ravi said that in  the case of health emergencies most people do not know whom to contact. In the US, 911  is the number to contact. On  lines of  that feature, the government is  implementing the 112 scheme. The call takers will be equipped to the source location of the caller through interaction of Smartphones GPS location services. This number will be integrated with all the other members namely 108, 100 etc.



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