FSSAI’s New Rule For Restaurants On Cooking Oil


Bad news just comes in For All Restuarant and Dhaba Owners who have been cutting expenses by reheating oil for cooking purposes Food Safety and Standards Authority of India have announced that from March 1 all food business operators whose consumption of edible oil for frying is more than 50 liters per day are liable to maintain the records and dispose of used cooking oil to agencies authorized by FSSAI from time to time.

 This new rule will prohibit them from using the same cooking oil for more than three times. It has been found that reusing such oil is bad for the human heart and body. Doctors across the globe have agreed to its harmful effects and that is the reason FSSAI has decided to implement this new rule. The FSSAI states that there are certain guidelines restaurants must follow while Using Cooking Oil.

The oil which was once used for frying must be filtered and used for curries. The oil should not be used again for frying.UCO should be disposed of when blue-grey smoke appears or tough foam gets formed. It also suggests that UCO should be consumed within 1-2 days. It is a step towards improving the health conditions of people in the country. The idea is to eradicate the practice of reusing the oil and understanding its harmful effects. This rule is not just for the commercial entities; even the households should avoid reusing the cooking oil for a healthy body.



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