Pallavi Ruhail at Lakme Fashion Week


We adore people who love and appreciate fashion. Especially when they take the time out to get ready for an event. At an event in Hyderabad, we finally had the chance to meet fashion blogger Pallavi Ruhail. (TDG ring a bell??)

Well, we instantly shared each others details and we started following her blog as well as her instagram account. She told us she’s got a chance to go to check out the Lakme Fashion Week (started on 26 August). We were browsing her instagram during the last 5 days and thought, instead of always featuring the models why not feature someone’s outfit we really liked.

So while she’s been busy looking at the newest collections straight from the stage, we’d feature two of her looks we liked. So here you go,

Look no 1: On Day 3, she opted for this boho chic cape dress by Ezra. (WHICH WE LOVE!!!!)


Look no 2: On Day 4, she went all out with the United Colours of Benetton. (CUTE!!)





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