Palam Silks turns into a Seeker


Palam Silks – “Seeker, a closer look”, kick-started with a fashion sequence showcasing seven sarees from their Seeker collection in the presence of Chennai’s most favourite fashionistas.

Mrs Jeyasree Ravi, Founder of Palam Silks said, “Seeker has been different, way different than what we set out to achieve. We wanted to create a collection with a foundation of world art. We didn’t want to be rooted in one place, but rather to experiment and create something that the neo-woman could relate to. We wanted to go with the flow and simply create without any boundaries or following any conventional norms. We began each day with an empty canvas without any plan or agenda. We wanted to remain fearless through the entire process as we created patterns and designs from scratch. We wanted this collection to largely emulate our renewed vision—taking one day at a time and taking inspiration from everywhere”.



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