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Tarun Tahiliani

Tarun Tahiliani’s fantastic bridal couture collection borrows from India’s rich cultural roots, original sense of style, drama, intricacy and imbues it with lightness.

This is coupled with a playfulness that moves away from royal India and the bling of the past and brings craft, intricate techniques and finesse to structures and silhouettes. Glimpses of shimmering gold, hues of soft pastels and a whimsical frothiness are reminiscent of an era of charm and elegance.

Creating couture which keeps distinctive Indian crafts alive, while exploring visions in sparkling crystal and carat, reflects emotions that give shape to sensuous, elegant and bespoke luxury for brides, grooms and their families as well as for other occasions. This collection is a living, breathing heritage, married with the fresh vibrancy and essence of modern India.

India Bridal Fashion Week Delhi 2013 - Falguni & Shane with Neha DhupiaFalguni and Shane Peacock:

Falguni and Shane Peacock showcased their ‘2013 Peacock Bride’ Collection at the Aamby Valley India Bridal Fashion Week. The collection was reminiscent of the most natural and beautiful creations of time, the Garden of Eden by Internationally acclaimed designer duo Falguni and Shane Peacock. The designers take you through their fashion paradise with bridal and evening gowns full ghagras, anarkalis, farshi pyjamas, kalidaar saris teamed with bustier, halters and shrugs. Using myriad hues such as pistachio, pink, ivory, gold and combining them with intricate silhouettes the collection is intended to celebrate nature. Floral motifs, vintage laces and delicate feathers amalgamated with net, chiffon and georgettes play the perfect back story for the collection.  Each piece being crafted on its own with individual attention, the collection seeks to replicate the beauty and movement of nature in a contemporary form. For their “Garden of Eden Collection”, the duo recently travelled to Europe to gather inspiration for their work, tracing links to Monaco, Nice and the gardens of Lake Como, all of which played their part in inspiring us to replicate the world’s most beautiful gardens and the natural beauty that they embody”.

JJ Valaya

Titled “The Maharaja of Madrid”, JJ Valaya’s line for the Aamby Valley India Bridal Fashion Week was a visual spectacle involving nearly 50 models and 30 artistes. Set amidst a creatively charged set designed by scenographer Sumant Jayakrishnan depicting a grand conglomeration of royals at a reception to welcome the Maharaja and his daughter, the king and the princess are seen as coming from their adventures in Spain. The Maharaja, in turn, a devoted believer of India and its wonders, and now also fascinated by all things Spanish is keen to showcase his newfound inspirations. In an endeavor to take the audience through his exalted experiences, this collection projects a medley of Spanish and Indian influences. A visual treat with a fantastic soundtrack by Gaurav Raina of Medieval Pundits, the collection is a beautiful juxtaposition of both cultures. The first section is inspired by the laces found in Spanish fans and headgears, and combined with the elegant grandeur of Indian jewels, this collection in Ivory showcases a sinuous blend of the tailored with the flow. The second section is imbued with the soul of Spain, Huge fringed shawls, known as “Mantón de Manila” remain a Spanish tradition and almost always depict flowers in varied hues and sizes. Then comes section 3, which has pieces crafted under inspiration from the likes of Diego Rivera, who was a Mexican artist known for his exquisite murals. Section 4 is a collection inspired by battle, by the armours of Spain and India, a collection that plays with modern shapes and forms using metallic transfers and fine metal embroideries. Velvets, Tulles and georgettes hold court in lush burgundies and distressed greys. Then comes section 5, which is inspired by perhaps what Spain is best associated with: the bullfighters, or the matadors. Their flamboyant costumes find an unusual mate in the unique forms of Thewa jewelry and digitally printed Matka silks. The final section is the Bride, herself, dressed to portray a story that continues off-ramp and weaves its way into a beautiful experience.

India Bridal Fashion Week Delhi 2013 - Raghavendra Rathore & Anil KapoorRaghavendra Rathore

Celebrating the magnificence of Indian royalty and heritage at its opulent best, Raghavendra Rathore’s collection was at its opulent best at the Aamby Valley India Bridal Fashion Week. The collection channels the spirit of the glory days of the Raj and is reflective of absolute refinement and stylish dressing. It draws influence from traditional silhouettes from across Asia and puts the focus back on redefining structure and fit, and adds eloquence to the idea of decadent dressing. It aims to reinvent the revelry and exuberance of the 1920’s – the era known for unprecedented economic prosperity. A plethora of exquisite embellishments in the regal shades of fuchsia, midnight blue, wine, saffron, gold and silver are thrown in to exude richness. Reminiscent of the finely-crafted garments worn by the Maharajas, these elegant pieces are for those who appreciate intricacy and fine workmanship. With surface embroideries that are treated to evoke an antique, vintage feel enhance the overall appeal of each immaculately designed ensemble. Bejewelled accessories and Indian fabrics have been used intelligently to exemplify the signature silhouette of the brand – ‘the Bandgala Jacket’ in its varied avatars, some in neutral colour tones which are in stark contrast to the conventional, vibrant hues of the East. With just a slight change in accessories or make-up, they can carry you with aplomb from a fashionable lunch with the swish set to the red carpet.

India Bridal Fashion Week Delhi 2013 - Sonam Kapoor as the showstopper for Rohit Bal's CollectionRohit Bal

Rohit Bal’s delightful new collection, ‘The Mulmul Masquerade’ was showcased at the fourth edition of Aamby Valley India Bridal Fashion Week. A journey through centuries of Indian and Elizabethan eras of sublime elegance and luxurious opulence, the collection has everything from the pristine simplicity of muslin to the extreme grandeur of rich velvets, allowing the collection to be dominated by the rich craftsmanship of both these periods.

Hand crafted with traditional and timeless art forms of embroidery and surface ornamentation, “Mulmul” reflects the glorious indulgence of the privileged aristocracy from The Golden age of India. From antique gold Kasab Kashmiri embroidery on muslin to Shibori on fabrics like chanderi and voiles, the look and feel is understated and ethereal.The rich jewel tone of velvet combined with the starkness of ivory muslin creates an imagery of bridal luxury, which is an integral part of our rich and glorious culture.

This paves the way to usher in the Elizabethan era of corsets, costumes and coquetry; a time of secret, seductive indulgence and revelry. It embodies the rich and dramatic pageantry, of princesses and fairy tales.



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