Our Actual Anchors: Raamz With Viven Jeebu


A superhero, guide, friend or role model fathers mean a lot of things to their children and stand by them at all moments. To acknowledge this precious bond of fatherhood, every year Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. He can be anything – strict, cool, expressive or a doting one – he surely is the support system in any child’s upbringing. Recognizing the special role of the male parent, we spoke to a couple of dads about their relationships with their kids. Read ahead to know about it better…


Raamz With Viven Jeebu

What Was The Best Advice Your Dad Gave You, That You Plan On Sharing With Your Children, Too?

From what I believe, Fathers are always the first guide and the best philosophers of anyone’s life, but mine was way more than that. He taught me the way of living – he taught me the importance of challenges and they prove your actual worth. He said “never be scared of anything, and always live the life you love”, and these are words I wish to pass on ahead, too.

What Special Things Do You And Viven Do Together?

Well, everything I would say! The day starts with him and ends with him, he is with me all the time, in fact, he involves himself in all my work with causing some disturbance or the other always. (smiles)

How Do You Rate Yourself As A Father?

How would I know that? I myself can’t rate me on anything, besides my work. I think my son will be a better person to answer this. As he is just a year old, you and I will have to wait for some more time to get the answer. (laughs)

What Is The Most Difficult Part Of Being A Dad?

I personally find nothing difficult as every moment is wonderful with your own kids. These are moments to be cherished.

How Would You Describe Your Bond With Him?

To me, he is like my heartbeat. As one cannot survive without their heartbeat.



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