Notes on Chai at Atta Galatta


‘Notes on Chai’ is a collection of simple snippets of everyday conversations. The snippets are inter woven with abstract sound explorations that attempt to relocate our relationship with the quotidian. The piece juxtaposes the speech of everyday conversations with segments that use the voice simply as an instrument of sound. The piece explores the inner and outer landscape of urban life through everyday conversations.


The humor created through these details carries within it, desires, fears and insecurities of the everyday that remain unsaid and yet palpable. It attempts to capture a sense of the everyday. This sense includes much that is not sense, so much as sensuousness, an embodied and somewhat automatic knowledge that functions like peripheral vision, not sustained contemplation.

The attempt is to create, through a series of portrayals, a collective sense of the every day, which resonates with a universal sense of the ordinary across cultures and hopefully across different socio-economic strata. The abstract sound explorations in the piece are inspired from Tibetan throat singing , western overtones and extended vocal techniques. The abstract sound explorations, together with the ordinary exchanges, create a series of images and conversations simultaneously in the everyday world and at the edge of it, encouraging the spectator to attempt to relocate his or her relationship with the quotidian.

So go and watch this exemplary performance. Tickets Rs300, and available on bookmyshow.

Where: Atta Galata, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore

When: December 1, 2016 from 7.30PM onwards




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