Norway Princess to wed Hollywood guru


Princess of Norway, Martha Louise, the eldest child of King Harald and Queen Sonja is all set to marry shaman Durek Verrett on August 31, 2024. However, this news has not gone down well with the royal family and in the country as well as they don’t have belief in alternative medicine methods and have referred to him as a ”quack”.

The wedding will be held in Geiranger, on the shores of a fjord in southwestern Norway. They got engaged in June 2022 and received the blessings of King Harald who married Sonja, a commoner in 1968.
Durek Verrett, an African-American, calls himself a ‘sixth generation shaman’. He acknowledges that his beliefs may not go down well with some people and claims that he is a victim of racism.
Princess Martha Louise is a divorced mother of three daughters who was earlier married to Ari Behn, a writer who committed suicide in 2019, three years after their divorce.


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