Nipah claims life of 12 year old boy in Kerala


The boy died on Sunday morning at Kozhikode 

As Kerala is reeling under the pressure of Corona, Nipah is back again in Kozhikode claiming the life of a 12 year old boy from Choolur in Chathamangalam panchayat. Plasma and Serum samples from the deceased have confirmed the presence of the deadly virus. So far, all contacts have been traced and no-one has shown any symptoms. The boy was admitted at the hospital on September 1st. The Nipah virus is said to cause symptoms of fever, headache and dizziness is sometimes accompanied with vomiting and seizures. In 2018, when the virus was first detected in Kerala, 17 people died due to the virus. Much research was done and it was found that the virus was zoonotic in nature which means it spreads from animals to humans and it has been speculated that the virus travels through bats.




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