Neon Attic Commits To Working Exclusively With Local Artisans To Encourage India’s Arts & Crafts Sector


Chennai-based lifestyle and design brand Neon Attic has committed to working exclusively with local artisans in the production of their forthcoming collection, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on India’s arts and crafts sector. The #LABMakesLocal initiative was begun by Neon Attic’s principal architects Sripriya Ganesan and Rambha Seth during the current nationwide lockdown to help to revive the arts and crafts sector, which has been rendered especially fragile due to the crisis.

Neon Attic anticipates the forthcoming launch of their innovative LABxNeon Attic collection, which pioneers the concept of furniture as high art, as well as infuses fine workmanship into a range of products ranging including décor and more. Locally manufactured but with a distinctly international sensibility, the collection will support homegrown sustainability initiatives, while also appealing to the tastes and aspirations of the well-traveled. Eschewing traditional clichés in favour of cutting-edge expressions, the catalog is comprised of elegant contemporary designs to suit the evolving tastes of modern Indians. The use of artisanal expertise in furniture production through the #LabMakesLocal initiative is especially unique, and LABxNeon Attic will introduce new categories of functional art collectibles for diverse spaces.

An award-winning multidisciplinary design firm with a focus on luxury interiors and architecture, Neon Attic is a harmonious convergence of LABxNeon Attic, an experiential pop-up division named LOFT, and an architecture practice, which come together to form an all-encompassing lifestyle brand. The LABxNeon Attic collection takes forward the company’s powerful visual vocabulary and marries their expertise in the fields of architecture and design with new possibilities in decor and curation.

Neon Attic is the brainchild of Sripriya Ganesan and Rambha Seth. After studying at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA, Rambha Seth embarked on a career in the real estate sector, eventually striking out on her own to form practice in luxury residential and master planning projects. Sripriya Ganesan enjoyed a thriving career at the House of Folklore in Hong Kong, collaborating with artisans from India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and beyond at the grassroots level and introducing their home décor and jewellery products to new markets. The duo brought their unique talents, training, and experience to form Neon Attic in 2018.



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