Dr. Methil Devika Announces her next project ‘AHALYA’


The award winning artiste joins hands with Madhu Ambat for the production

Dr.Methil Devika has been trailblazer when it comes to dance and her performances especially in Mohiniyattam have won many prestigious awards. Her dance documentary ‘Sarpatatvam , The Serpent Wisdom’ was a contender for the Oscars. She had also released a dance performance to spread the awareness of the corona virus last year which had garnered a lot of attention. Now she has announced her next dance production, ‘Ahalya’ whose director of photography will be Madhu Ambat.

The project has been Commissioned by Sampradaya Dance Company , Canada and is set to premiere in Sampradaya Dance Fest in May. What makes it special is that Dr. Methil Devika herself has rendered the musical composition for the 30 minute solo dance performance. She recently won the the Kshetrakalasree State Award presented by the Kshetrakala academy.



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