NBA Player Dwight Howard’s Goodnight Hiss!




There seems to really be no better way to describe the NBA Player Dwight Howard’s unconventionality and connection to Texas than through his pet snakes at home. Recently when the Houston Rockets’ centre was interacting with his fan on his love for snakes, Dwight mentioned that he currently has 9 snakes and that his first snake George, the purple reticulated python, is his favourite.


When asked what differentiates George and his other snakes, Dwight said, “I had him since he was a baby, and now he’s 8 feet long and a year old. I call him Curious George because when I first got him he found a way to break out and lay on my chest. He wanted to be next to me. He must’ve been scared.”


Looks like George can’t do without his daily dose of Goodnight kiss! Or shall we say Goodnight Hiss!





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