Nayanthara gets banned from Hyderabad hotels


The actor reportedly damaged the interiors of the hotel without any provocation

Nayanthara is definitely one of the most sought-after actresses of South India. Apart from her known acting skills and stardom, Nayanthara has a bad reputation as a short-tempered actor too. If reports are to be believed, her short temperament has gone to such an extent, forcing star hotel managements to go for a second thought before arranging her stay.


The actor reportedly gave a tough time to employees of a star hotel in Hyderabad recently, damaging the interiors and expensive decorations of the hotel without any provocation. Though she later compensated for the damage caused, the hotel management is not happy with her and they don’t want the scenes to repeat. Following the untoward incidents, the hotel recently refused to arrange Nayanthara’s stay in Hyderabad.

According to recent reports, hotels in Hyderabad no longer want to arrange stay for the actress.



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