NASA plans to open International Space Station


In a bid to promote space tourism, U S. Space Agency, NASA has plans to open up an International Space Station to business ventures. The price however would be exorbitant at $35,000/- a night. The Chief Financial Officer, Jeff De Wit said that they are trying to explore possibilities that they have not done before by trying to make commercial opportunities and further marketing these opportunities. As of now, they plan to have two short private astronaut missions per year.

Each mission would be for stays up to 30 days and around 12 private astronauts are free to visit the ISS per year. The tourists will have to pay for their stay in space, for food, water and use of the life support system on the orbiter. The Space Station does not belong to NASA as it was built along with Russia in the year 1998. However the U.S has paid for and controls most of the modules that make up the orbiter.



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