Must-haves in your Bag to maintain Proper Hygiene


Travel freely outside by keeping these essentials with you

Safety and valour are two different strategies to be adopted and practised to suit a given situation. When you choose to be safe, it does not imply that you are acting in a cowardly manner. On the contrary, you are being wise and purposeful. There is honour in preserving life, even your own. Next time you venture out, be sure to keep these essential items to exercise safety.

As advised by the government, carry masks with you at all times. Have them on so you may not infect, be infected, or stopped at places. Following safety guidelines is a civil and sensible thing to do. Carry all you may need to avoid the risk of going to too many places. You should never forget packing a hand sanitizer/disinfectant. I prefer Marico’s Travel Protect, which I have been using frequently for the same.

All meanings intended, Marico Protect is a life-saver. You can spray it on surfaces, hands, and products without worry. It acts in just ten seconds which is why it is highly effective. What is better, I need not wipe the surface after spraying; spray and be done with it. Marico’s Travel Protect is a surface disinfectant spray that kills 99.999% germs & is effective against Viruses, Fungi and Bacteria. When using disinfectants, focus on sanitising the frequently touched areas. That can be handles, switches, taps, armrests, seats, phones and even furniture and clothes.

The fragrance is mild and gentle when applying and imperceptible after a while. Then again, that tells the quality of a good product one can expect from the likes of Marico. I suggest you can get yourself one too; it is pretty affordable. I had better advise you to stay at home as much as you can. Still, if you have to, carry the above-mentioned, prefer personal conveyance, and keep away from the crowd.

There is a proper example to signify what I first mentioned. Even the legendary Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj consciously adopted the dual strategies of valour and safety to suit the situation. Once Chhatrapati Shivaji had taken asylum in a village; when he heard that a reward had been announced for his captors, he persuaded his hosts to claim it by revealing his location; he voluntarily got caught, ensured his host was rewarded, and then escaped – this was his valour. On another occasion, when he had to escape from imprisonment, he hid safely inside a fruit basket – he prioritised his life and safety. You should too. Play it safe when the times call for it.

  • Suki Sivam is a popular orator, writer and scholar in Tamil. He hosts a TV show Indha naal iniya naal on Sun TV.


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