Mugen Rao’s Message To His Fans


The most entertaining show, Bigg Boss was recently concluded and the Malaysian singer, Mugen Rao bagged the title of Bigg Boss Tamil 3. He was earlier seen in short films and music albums.

He took it to social media to give an important message to his fans and followers. He talks about his bigg boss journey and how he carried himself throughout the show. Mugen shares his secret mantra of maintaining a cordial relationship with his fellow mates. He posted a picture of the cast of Thanggam a Deepavali web film presented by Petronas, a Youtube Channel and gave an adorable caption to it.

Mugen wrote, “My #Thanggam is when I consider people as my biggest strength. Met thousands of them. I believe during my early days, somehow sometimes I have misjudged some of them.

At one point of my life, time and experience thought me that judging someone quickly is a mistake.

I personally applied this at the biggest stage offered to me this year, Bigg Boss S3. I judged less, and shared more kindness and amazingly, it worked.

In this webfilm, Paathi showed that kindness is free. She simply sprinkled it everywhere and also proved that kindness has its power.

Experiencing someone’s personality is a beautiful journey, we’ll miss this journey when we judge them too quickly. Let’s together experience the journey of kindness.

Again, an open heart welcomes the most precious blessings, only when we are open are we able to receive.

Watch PETRONAS 2019 Deepavali web film ‘Thanggam’ on @PETRONAS Facebook page & YouTube Channel.

Advance Happy Deepavali folks

#PETRONASTHANGGAM2019 #Thanggam #AnugerahKita”

Mugen is all set to launch his next music album and all his fans wish well and luck to the champion.



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