Moni Agarwal designs for Anam Mirza and Akbar Rasheed


On speaking to Hyderabad based jewelry designer Moni Agarwal about what she’s designed for Anam Mirza’s big day today. She tell us, “I’ve designed a very unique diamond choker for Anam. She’s a beautiful bride and the piece created for her was after looking at her Manish Malhotra lehenga. The design is for today’s bride.” While she was initially planning to design a gold ring for fiance-to-be Akbar Rasheed, she inform us, “It’s the first Muslim couple I am designing for and there’s been quite a bit of learning happening about their culture. Like muslim men don’t wear gold rings. That said, I’ve designed a platinum ring with diamonds for Akbar”.moni_agarwal_jewelry_designer



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