Mirabai Chanu Stands A Chance To Get Gold As Winner Hou Zhihui To Undergo Dope Test


China’s Zhihui Hou is set to undergo a doping test at the Tokyo Olympics, 2 days after she won the women’s 49kg weightlifting gold, setting a new Olympic record of 210kg. It was Zhihui Hou who finished above India’s Mirabai Chanu and won the competition on Saturday. Mirabai, who holds the world record for Clean and Jerk, managed a total of 202, 8 less than Zhihui.

While it’s commonplace for Olympic medalists to undergo doping tests, Zhihui’s case involves adverse analytical findings, meaning there will be tests to figure out if there is anything adverse in the first sample.

According to the WADA, An Adverse Analytical Finding indicates the presence of prohibited substances or methods in a particular sample. Adverse Analytical Findings should not be confused with adjudicated or sanctioned Anti-Doping Rules Violations (ADRV) for several reasons.



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