Minor girls more suicide prone


The latest statistics given by the Social Justice Department have raised a lot of eyeballs. It found that among children below age 18, girls were more prone to suicide than boys. Out of the 242 suicide deaths below age 18,140 or nearly 60% involved girls.

Psychiatrist Dr.C.J.John said that this is a clear break from the earlier trend where suicide rates for both boys and girls were equal This trend he said was not encouraging and said that it is time that the girl child was given more care.He said that girls are forced to carry a huge moral burden and are put to a lot of moral stress right from childhood. He said that adult women can manage this stress better but not teenage girls.The largest number of minor suicides was in Palakkad in 2016 where 42 deaths took place,out of which 24 were girls and 16 were boys.This dangerous trend calls for timely intervention.



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