10 year old girl tracks down car


Nandini Kahre a 10 year old lass gathered clues leading her to track down the vehicle that killed her brother just like a story taken from a Nancy Drew novel. Her brother Avinash was kiiled in a hit and run case and her family was devastated by this tragic loss.Police were clueless about the killer vehicle even a fortnight after the gruesome accident.

This led Nandini to the spot to look for clues.After she thoroughly scrutinized the accident site,she found a tiny piece of broken glass.On a closer examination of the glass piece, she was able to identity the brand of the car that killed her brother. She visited all the car showrooms selling the particular brand and managed to find the car in one such showroom. She clicked pictures of the car and alerted the police who later seized the vehicle. Bravo Nandini.



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