Millet Maagic Meal brings back the goodness of millet in Chennai


Millet Maagic Meal achieved another milestone in its culinary journey with the grand opening of its second outlet in Anna Nagar, Chennai on Saturday, 9th September 2023. The restaurant’s inauguration was graced by the esteemed presence of Nakshrathra Nagesh (Indian Actress) who did the honor of lighting the ceremonial lamp. Adhieswari, the visionary Founder of Millet Maagic Meal, stood alongside Nakshrathra as well.

This event was not only a culinary celebration but also a social gathering that brought together Chennai’s elite socialites, food and fashion bloggers to taste various dishes made out of millets.

Adhieswari, a passionate housewife, never imagined that her love for cooking would lead her to become the co-founder of Millet Maagic Meal and make such a big impact. Her background in electronics engineering, followed by a teaching career, did not stop her from pursuing her entrepreneurial dream.

Despite facing challenges in cooking with millets, she transformed them into opportunities to gain more knowledge about this magic grain and became an expert in millet cooking that led her to be known as the “Millet Queen” by her customers and the brand has garnered attention for its tasty millet-based products.

In 2015, Adhieswari launched Millet Maagic Meal to make millet dishes more accessible to the masses. Initially, she began with a single-product menu, offering a delicious lunch combo that was prepared in a 500 sqft cloud kitchen. Following an overwhelming customer response, Adhieswari expanded her business and opened millet-based restaurants in Chennai. The restaurant serves over 200 millet-based products, and Millet Maagic Meal is now a renowned name in the city’s culinary world.

Millet Maagic offers innovative dishes for all ages, from idlis to millet pizza, Millet Maagic Meal has everything to address the nutrition and palate requirements of people of all ages, from a child to an adult and senior citizen. The brand’s focus is to give consumers what they eat on a regular basis, but with a unique twist. The quest to keep innovating new products to replace gluten-rich products like wheat and maida and high glycemic index products like white rice is never-ending.

Adhieswari’s passion for millets has not only brought her success but also helped in making a difference

in people’s lives. Millet Maagic Meal a dedicated team of experienced bakers, sweets and savories masters, and food technologists working to improve and expand its product line.



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