Mesmerising Make up: Prakruthi Ananth


Beauty comes from the soul and radiates through the skin and face. So what do makeup artistes do? Well, they help you enhance that beauty. Prakruthi Ananth, a professional makeup artist who started her career at MAC Cosmetics, moved on to launch her own brand and business venture named Prak At Work! Today after completing seven years in the industry, she has not only worked with many beautiful brides but several celebrities like music director Anirudh Ravichander, actors Shabana Azmi, Priya Anand, Ashwin Kakumanu, Dhanshika, Amitash Pradhan, Manjima Mohan and others.

Prakruthi was always artistically inclined but her first formal training was when she worked with MAC for 3 years, first as an artist and then as a manager. “With this training, I realised that this was something I loved doing and had a flair for. Apart from my formal training, my skills come from practice and experimentation! The art of makeup is changing so rapidly, that I’m still learning, every single day. With the opening of the #prakatwork studio, my very own YouTube channel, I landed a spot in the top 15 makeup artists in India via the NYX Face awards. Overcoming my fear of the camera, pushing my creative boundaries, discovering my love for the sea and realising the overwhelming power of support and love from all my followers has made 2017 my best year ever. The one thing I love about makeup is that the trends are constantly changing. The latest trends that I find myself partial towards right now are metallic and glossy lids for the eyes, berry toned lips and two toned lips which could vary all the way from a subtle ombré to wearing two different shades of the same colour on the upper lip and lower lip. After the big Virushka wedding, the wedding makeup trend now has become super natural and barely-there-natural; makeup where the bride embraces her raw beauty and lets makeup be only an extension of her personality,” shares the makeup artist.

Talking of her experience at NYX, she adds, “Not only did I get to witness the amazing talent that our country has to offer, I got to create and showcase looks that embody messages that were dear to my heart. My first was about social media and its effects on our daily state of mind and my second was about the lack of powerful female characters in the Indian film industry.” Follow the social media sweetheart on Instagram through her handle prakatwork to keep up with her many escapades!




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