Men Behind The Grill


It’s probably one of the fastest growing recreational activities today. While the concept of grilling and barbecuing was alien to India up until a few years ago, today the country sees a huge interest in grilling, with BBQ parties and get-togethers being a much favoured way to hang out and entertain friends. We get six of South India’s hot and happening men, who already raise temperatures with their sizzling achievements, to pose with Weber Grills, the company sparking a backyard barbecue revolution with their innovative and state-of-the art grills.

Men Behind The Grill – Bengaluru

Krishna Nayak 1

Krishna Nayak – Model

Being from the coastal part of Karnataka, Krishna knows a lot about food and cooking in the rustic way. Healthy eating is what he follows and chooses to propagate to his friends. Hence oil-free cooking, easy ways to cook proteins and maintaining the taste and texture of food are all important to him. All these things are made easy on a barbecue, he tells us.

neil foley 3 (Copy)

Neil Foley – Product Designer

His creative genius cannot be measured for he can see and imagine things that the layman cannot. NID graduate and ace designer Neil Foley is an avid foodie and barbecuing is something he’s been trying his hand at for a while now.

But, perfectionist that he is, he’s determined to master the art and cook his meats with the utmost precision. And so he sweats it out at the grill, every chance he gets to perfect his cooking skills. He’s also an advocate of grilling for its health benefits and advises all foodies to try their hand at this.

khalin joshi 5

Khalin Joshi – Pro-Golfer

The 24-year-old has been making news on the golfing circuits with his performance. Presently playing on the European circuit, he’s ranked number 36 on the Indian charts and hopes to break into the top 20 soon. A Gujarati, Khalin is vegetarian but loves food and admits he’s never tried his hand at barbecuing.

However, keeping in mind his adventurous spirit and will to learn, he’s happy to try his hand at this recreational activity once he’s back home from his tour.

Mohammed Jibran 2 (Copy)

Mohammed Jibran – Model

While he spends a large part of his day on the ramp or in front of the camera, that doesn’t mean that Mohammed Jibran doesn’t have an inclination towards cooking. For a model, eating healthy is what matters most and Jibran is an advocate of this phenomenon. Hence, cooking on a grill is something that not only appeals to his palette, but also is in keeping with his health regimen.

Men Behind The Grill – Chennai

g.v prakash

G V Prakash  – Actor / Singer

He’s not just AR Rahman’s nephew, he’s also an outstanding singer and actor in his own right. GV Prakash may look like the boy next door, but his powerful voice and superior acting skills leave viewers astounded.

He enjoys eating barbecued food, although he admits that he’s never actually tried his hand at grilling. But like all boys whose eyes light up when they land on a grill, he’s super enthusiastic to try his hand at it and even wants to sign up for a grill class real soon!

Men Behind The Grill – Hyderabad

akshay mittal

Akshay Mittal – Model / Actor

28-year-old Akshay Mittal is a fitness freak and loves playing basketball and is into martial arts. He also happens to be a big foodie and a wildlife enthusiast. Every season is BBQ season for Akshay who says that all one needs is fun people, some spirits and lots of veggies and meat! His love for spicy food makes BBQ sauce and Tabasco his favourite flavours. Akshay loves his meat hot, both temperature and taste wise.



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