Mélange of Creativity


One of the most well known names in the art world today, Laxman Aelay’s home in Hyderabad is a melange of creativity and simplicity, reflecting the artist’s exquisite taste and creativity. RITZ takes a tour of his personal space, noting his love for his craft and his passion for the eclectic clearly visible in even the little nooks and crannies of his home.

As soon as you enter the artistic abode of Laxman Aelay, you are greeted by his mesmerising work on canvas. This is a mixed media painting which happens to be from his latest ‘Traveller series’, called Mudra. A backless settee in front has made it the favourite spot for the family – Laxman, his wife, Lalitha, daughter Priyanka (an artist herself) and their adorable eight year old Lhasa Apso, Shiro.

One cannot help getting captivated by the exquisite sculptures too, all around the house. The intricate workmanship in the wood carving that the artist picked up from Thailand, renders further spark to the creative outlook in the hall. The showcase is beautifully decorated with artistic memoirs that Laxman picked up from across the globe. There are also souvenirs that he carried back from Italy, Egypt, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, various places in India and more.

The tinge of reddish orange splashed around is captivating – both because of the striking shade and the way it accentuates the space – be it his paintings or a few of the walls in the house. This gives a vibrant outlook to the cozy artistic abode. Apart from orange, the play of white is very prominent in the house. “This is intentional as it lets the paintings appear prominent and speak for themselves,” says Priyanka.

The house is clutter free, spic and span with artistic touches in every nook and corner. Marble flooring and neat woodwork is another highlight of the house. “I like breathing space and hence have kept the house very minimalistic with only the essentials in place. The art display too keeps changing,” shares Laxman Aelay.

The living room is not too opulent or elaborate, but the artist’s display of his works renders a classy look. Rajaya’s painting and Rajshekhar Nair’s sculpture in the living-cum-dining area echoes a creative aura, fascinating yet tranquil. Other paintings displayed are from renowned artists like Vaikuntam, Laxma Goud, Shiva Ramachary and of course the young, talented Priyanka herself.

As we walk around, I notice that even the refrigerator in the kitchen has interesting fridge magnets splashed on the surface. The master bedroom boasts of works by Vaikuntam, Laxma Goud and Chandra Bhattacharya – a place where the artist is enveloped by creative vibes.

Priyanka’s room has an interesting mix of art by Laxma Goud and Badri Narayan’s, alongside her Japanese doll, Japanese mask, Barbie dolls and Shrek family miniatures.

A tour around the house may finish quickly but there is a lot of creative prowess to see and absorb and one is reminded of the famous lines from John Keats, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”.



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