Building That Bod!


Anshul Choda is no stranger to Bengaluru and its beautiful people. The talented architect is a whiz when it comes to design and interior styling. And he’s no slouch in the kitchen either. Added to that is his new fitness fad that reflects in his well-developed abs and pecs.

anshul choda 3 (Copy)

For this holistic design guru, life post 40 is all about fitness and good health. Hence he grows his own wheat grass, has got himself a new smoothie maker and practices eating right and staying fit. He’s learnt martial arts, weight and fitness training and even practices yoga and meditation to stay strong. He’s dabbled in his mother’s iconic restaurant Queen’s and can make a mean Punjabi Tikka Masala. But that’s not his bill of fare these days. Life for him now is all about wholistic food and organic produce, with less emphasis on carbs and fat. Hence almond milk, smoothies and wheat grass shots win hands down over lassi and masala chai!



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