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Known for his unique sense of style, designer Rocky S talks to Asmita Aggarwal about his love for prêt and an exciting stint on television.

Rocky S has a reputation that precedes him. Known as the man who dresses most of Bollywood and international stars like the Pussycat Dolls, Rocky S is looking forward to a new show on Fox Traveller called Style and The City in addition to launching a prêt label aptly christened Rocky Star. In a quick chat, the acclaimed designer shares about his journey in the world of fashion and fabrics; anecdotes and a few favourites along the way.


When you started what was your design philosophy?

I graduated in B.Com and started off with a course in fashion and then there was no looking back. I was always inclined towards creativity and passionate about style and fashion. I believe fashion is the variant while ‘style’ is elemental. So, my mantra is to create your own style and wear it with élan.

What made you do fashion for films?

I never directed myself to do fashion for films. I always had an eye for styling and creating a niche in my style. Designing for Bollywood is different.  If it is designing for a celeb for an appearance, the look is altogether different depending on the event. But for a movie, it involves lot of inputs from the director to the actor to the character of the actor.

Which have been your most memorable film designing so far?

All my projects have been close to my heart. It’s too difficult to name one but I would say designing for Koi Mil Gaya and Krissh was a memorable experience as it gave me a change to explore two totally different looks for a same person playing two varied characters and Hrithik is a perfectionist, so it was exhilarating yet wonderful experience.

Who among the newcomers do you think is fashionable and avant-garde?

I would say Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor.

What according to you is good design?

Good design doesn’t need any definition. It’s simple and not necessarily required to be creatively ‘out of this world’. But yes, it should be wearable, connect with the person who wears it and one should feel stylish and at the same time, comfortable.


What are your future plans?

I have a long way to go. For me this is just a beginning. I like to explore, get inspired and there’s no end to my creativity.

As prêt is the future of fashion, will you launch a line that will service these buyers?

Yes definitely! I love prêt and plan to bring out a pret line soon!

When you do shows, is having a Bollywood showstopper imperative?

I don’t mean to say that shows shouldn’t have Bollywood showstoppers as I have had a lot of my celeb friends walk for me at my shows. But I don’t feel the pressure of absolutely or necessarily having a celeb or a star as a showstopper. Every ensemble I make is a showstopper ensemble in itself.

Tell us about your new TV show and working with Dia Mirza?

I found the concept very interesting. I love to travel and explore. This show gave me the opportunity to visit nooks and corners of the smallest of market places and show the masses the masterpieces that can be made out of the elements which are created by the masters of art.


Dia is great friend and very fine actress and an awesome human being. Working with her is like fun with work. She’s very professional and needs sheer perfection! Yes, it’s a fabulous experience working with her as always.

Who have been your style muses and who in Hollywood would you like to dress?

Julia Roberts is the one I would like to dress.

Can you tell us about launching a resort wear line soon as that is becoming a fast emerging sector?

Resort wear is becoming a fast-growing sector and we are getting a very good response for its launch. The launch is in its process and we would be revealing much more about it once everything is completed.

How would you describe your journey till today in the world of fashion, what would you like changed?

It’s been a wonderful journey so far. I’ve seen downfalls, risen from them and seen the best highs and yet I feel there is more to come, more to achieve, and become successful as there is no end to creativity!



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