Mechanic modifies Maruti Swift into a Lamborghini


Nurul Haque, a 30 year old car mechanic from Bhanga, Karimganj district in Assam transformed an old Maruti Swift car into a Lamborghini like sports car. As Nurul did not have much work during the lockdown period, he embarked on this unique project.

He spent a sum of around Rs 6.2 lakhs for this project and is extremely happy with the results. He always nurtured a dream of making and driving a luxury car, especially a Lamborghini, so he converted his dream to a reality by modifying an old Maruti Swift car into his dream car.
He is the owner of a garage named N Maruti Car Care in Bhanga. He watched videos on YouTube to learn how to do the modification. He tried to duplicate the parts of a Lamborghini, modified the engine of his Maruti Swift and improvised it to perform better. Narul has now become a local hero because of his work. His next plan is to modify a car into a Ferrari.



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