Masami Jewels launches Lightweight Diamond & Semi Precious Jewellery


Masami Jewels launches Lightweight Diamond & Semi Precious Jewellery at Palladium. Before a diamond is made it must be tried and tested by the earth’s forces before it’s magnificence can be held before world. Selecting the perfect diamond is an experience to be cherished, for a diamond is mark of achievement, of beauty, of a special moment of celebration. Masami Jewels is that perfect balance of classic and contemporary knowledge in synchronicity, with a vision to change the way people shop for Jewellery.

Masami Jewels holds a vast collection, crafted with delicate mastery and a keen understanding of shaping the earth’s rarest minerals. The collections are chapters of contemporary, classic, wedding, statement which invoke timeless and unique styles to inspire everyone with a constantly updated inventory. Masami Jewellery is completely customizable according to one’s budget. Refined with the knowledge and experience of traditional artistry, yet imbued with the ingenuity and approach of modern technology, we offer our customers a luxurious shopping experience from the comforts of their home



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