Man with the longest nose in the world


A 71 year old man from Turkey named Mehmut Ozyurek has the world’s longest nose. He went to an Italian TV show called Lo Show Dei Record- in Rome to have his giant nose measured by professionals way back in 2010. They found that his nose measured 8.8 centimetres.

Mehmut may have the longest recorded nose on a living person but definitely not the longest nose in history. There have been many with longer noses in the past. Reports say that a man named Thomas Wedders also known as Thomas Wadhouse who was a circus performer from Yorkshire and lived in the 18th century had one of the longest noses in the world. Wedders nose measured 19 centimetres.
Guinness World Records has awarded a posthumous record for the World’s largest nose to Wedders and a wax reproduction of his head is kept in the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum.



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