Man in Chhattisgarh marries two women in the same mandap


An unusual wedding took place in a village in Chhattisgarh when a man married two women. Chandu Maurya the groom married Hasina and Sundari in the same mandap in Tikara Lohnga village of Bastar district. The groom disclosed that he liked both the women and that both women liked him too. The wedding took place consensually in the presence of all the villagers. However, the family members of one bride did not attend the wedding. Strangely, the villagers who attended the function did not object to it.

While Hasina is 19 years old, Sundari is 21 and both have completed their school education. The wedding has gone viral on social media as it is the first of a kind when villagers attended the grand wedding without raising any objection. Though this kind of a marriage is a crime as per the Hindu Marriage Act, no case has been registered so far.


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