Healthy and Organic Ice-creams



Iceberg Icecreams bring the latest healthy and organic ice-cream alternative. Having spanned a journey over 40 years, Iceberg Icecreams offer a rich variety of natural flavours to choose from. Each flavour is crafted with the goodness of completely natural and organic ingredients.

Creamiest Cocoa sourced from Africa, handpicked ripe Jackfruits from the legendary city of Panruti, creamy Sitaphal grown in Telangana’s organic farms and many more. Experience the choicest of flavours at Iceberg Icecreams.

1. Bean Vanilla: Pure Vanilla extract made from only natural vanilla beans, water and non-alcoholic spirits from Madagascar organic farms is used to make this classic ice cream. The flavouring is free from any colourings, preservatives, or other additives.

2. Butterscotch: Butterscotch nuts are made with organic brown sugar caramelised with organic butter and corn syrup. The flavour is the real candy flavour of butter and sugar coated with corn starch.

3. Vanilla Caramel Brownie: Brownies made from organic cocoa, raw sugar, organic butter and dry fruits. Caramel sauce is made from caramelised organic brown sugar.

4. Caramel Nuts: Caramelised organic dry fruits with organic brown sugar makes the base of this flavour.

5. Almond Crunch: Californian certified organic almonds are the base of this crunchy mouth-watering almondy almond.

6. Chocolate Chips: Cocoa is from Africa, blocks of organic cocoa, chocolate chips and even the chocolaty flavour come right from their fields!!

7. Belgium Dark Chocolate: When we say Dark it should be from Belgium. They scouted for the best organic cocoa in the fields over there and found organic dark chocolate.

8. Red Velvet: The cakes are prepared in their kitchen using all organic ingredients 99.3% and mixed into vanilla ice cream to make this lickable flavour.

9. Tender Coconut: It’s by nature the purest of all foods. There is no such thing as organic coconut, as the trees are there from decades to give us the blessings of nature. They use tender coconut as it is.

10. Black Currant: True Black currants are procured from Himalayan range for the authentic dark berry flavour and earthy notes.

11. Sitaphal: The Sitaphals are grown in custom farms of organic farms of Telangana by using only jeevamrutham fertilisers.

12. Jackfruit: The just to ripe jackfruits are handpicked from the fields of Panruti. No chemicals are used to ripen the fruits. It’s organic and natural.

13. Milk Mango: The mangoes are the favourite part and are grown in their own farms, using only jeevamrutham as fertiliser and fruit ripening is done keeping them in a dark place covered with rice straws.

14. Nutty Vanilla-Sugarless: Ever so healthy Dry fruits soaked in organic milk with Vanilla and coarsed to make this delectable dry fruit flavoured ice cream with Organic Sugarfree.

All these incredible flavours can now be had at several convenient outlets situated across Bangalore at Indiranagar, Basaveshwarnagar, Yelahanka, Arekere and JP Nagar and coming soon at Marathalli and KR Puram.



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