Man from Japan spends Rs 12 lakh to look like a dog


A man from Japan had his weirdest dream fulfilled by spending around Rs 12 lakh to look like a dog. This transformation of Toko into a ‘collie’, a breed of dog, was made possible by a renowned professional agency named Zeppet.
The breed ‘Collie’ is his favourite breed of dogs and Toko approached Zeppet to carry out his plan. A costume was created and it cost around 2 million Yen. It took the agency 40 days to create it.

Toko, who has a YouTube channel shared a video of himself in the costume. In the video which has gone viral, Toko can be seen acting like a dog, rolling over for belly rubs and lifting his paws. He is able to move his limbs freely while donning the costume but said that if he moves too much, he will not look like a dog.
Zeppet creates sculptures for commercials, movies and amusement facilities. They also make costumes for television and famous mascot characters in Japan.



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