Man accidentally plays Titanic song on flight sitting next to Kate Winslet


Chris Olsen, a YouTuber and TikToker had an embarrassing moment on a recent flight from Cannes to London. He had a brief run -in with Oscar winning actress Kate Winslet.

While on the flight, Chris Olsen sat in the second row instead of the third row and played the legendary song of Celine Dion ”My heart will Go On” from the film Titanic without realising that Kate Winslet, the heroine of the film, was seated next to him. His AirPods were not connected and the woman next to him kept looking back at him as if he had done something wrong.
Soon a flight attendant approached Chris Olsen and inquired about his seat number. It was only then that he realised that he was sitting in the wrong row and apologised to the woman sitting next to him. He found her to look familiar. After trying to recollect if he had met her before, he realised that she was the Oscar winning actress Kate Winslet.


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