Behind Every Diva: Renju Renjimar


Renju Renjimar talks of her signature Makeup style, make up essentials and beauty regimes she swears by!

Celebrities are constantly under the spotlight for they are the ultimate trendsetters when it comes to fashion and makeup. But there are seasoned artists who work hard to ensure that these divas look their best under the limelight! Let’s hear from the experts as to what is their signature Make Up style, the make up essentials in their vanity bag and the beauty regimes they swear by!  

Compiled By: Riya Sonny Datson

Renju Renjimar


Signature style of Make up: I don’t consciously try to have a signature style of makeup but people instantly recognise my work. I think I can attribute it to my focus on eyebrows and eye make up as well as the use of highlighters. Most of my clients trust my choice of make up style and for the same reason they give me the freedom to make choices for them.

Challenges while doing celebrity make up: It is always a challenge to work with celebrities.  More so, in the case of artists who are not familiar with my work. They would have worked with multiple make up artists earlier, so I consciously try to put in that extra effort to ensure that they are comfortable and satisfied with my work.

One Thing you like about celebrity make up: A celebrity is always a celebrity! There is always a thrill while working with them especially when you know that people are going to notice your work just as much as they notice them. There is a certain amount of respect and recognition that comes with working with top artists or celebrities. I experience it all the time especially now, after being in the industry for over a decade.

Trending styles in Makeup: I believe it is the natural or subtle style of make up that is making a comeback. Alia Bhatt would be the perfect example for the same. She has a minimal style of makeup that is complimented by a natural glow. People today, have good knowledge of the make up products available in the market and they are aware of their preferences. Personally, I feel there should be a perfect balance while doing make up. If you choose to go bold with your eyes, compliment the look by going subtle with your lips and vice versa. One should always dress according to the situation.

A Make Up Faux Pas to avoid:  Always ensure that there is an even tone throughout the exposed parts of your body – especially your face, your arms, your neck and chest. The even tone gives the makeup a natural look.

Five things in your Vanity bag:  Sunscreen, moisturising cream, baby cream, lip liner and eyebrow pencil.

A beauty regime you swear by: Stay happy and positive. If you wake up thinking that you are depressed, that’s exactly how you are going to feel and it will reflect on you as well, but if you choose to stay positive and happy, it would reflect on your face and body.  We control our emotions and it is our choice to stay happy. Understand your strengths and weaknesses and focus on the positive. Yes and make sure you drink loads of water to stay hydrated.

Memorable celebrity experience: All celebrity experiences are special but the one that is most memorable would be the one with Bollywood actress, Madhubala. I had used my own handcrafted products for her make up and she was so happy with the outcome that she complimented me saying that ‘In the last two decades of my career, I have never had such a makeover!’ It was extremely heartening because she was a Bollywood actor who had worked with the top makeup artists over a period of twenty years and more importantly she trusted my choice of make up products for her!




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