Behind Every Diva: Unni PS


Unni PS talks of his signature Makeup style, make up essentials and beauty regimes he swears by!

Celebrities are constantly under the spotlight for they are the ultimate trendsetters when it comes to fashion and makeup. But there are seasoned artists who work hard to ensure that these divas look their best under the limelight! Let’s hear from the experts as to what is their signature Make Up style, the make up essentials in their vanity bag and the beauty regimes they swear by!  

Compiled By: Riya Sonny Datson

Unni P S


Signature style of Make up: I always do makeup based on the occasion or the event. Though I handle different styles of makeup, it is my traditional style of bridal make up that has become most popular.

Challenges while doing celebrity make up: When you work with a celebrity, there is always a certain amount of pressure as they would have already worked with several make up artists and hence would have their own ideas or styles of make up. So I always make it a point to interact with them and understand what their preferences are. There is also the threat of social media trolling, as the pictures go viral most of the time. So one has to be very careful while working with celebs. At the end of the day, through our work, we build relationships, so it is essential to feel comfortable with each other.

One Thing you like about celebrity make up: Celebrities usually prefer a fresh look or a make over every time and they are willing to experiment with different styles of make up, which can be very exciting for us. And of course, I cherish the bond that I share with each of them.

Trending make up styles: Bright eye shadows paired with nude lips are a hot trend.

A Make Up Faux Pas to avoid:  If you are using false lashes, it is extremely important to be careful while applying the glue as it tends to spread into your eyes and can get very messy.

Five things in your Vanity bag:  Perfume, hand cream, sunscreen lotion, moisturiser and lip balm.

A beauty regime you swear by:  Cleansing, toning and moisturising! Always moisturise your skin to make it look fresh. If you have oily skin, after using a facewash, use a sunscreen that has a moisturiser.

A memorable celebrity experience: Every celebrity experience is special but I think my work with Kavya Madhavan for her wedding has been the most memorable as it really gave me a big break in my career.



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