Behind Every Diva: Samson Lei


Samson Lei talks of his signature Makeup style, make up essentials and beauty regimes he swears by!

Celebrities are constantly under the spotlight for they are the ultimate trendsetters when it comes to fashion and makeup. But there are seasoned artists who work hard to ensure that these divas look their best under the limelight! Let’s hear from the experts as to what is their signature Make Up style, the make up essentials in their vanity bag and the beauty regimes they swear by!  

Compiled By: Riya Sonny Datson


Samson Lei

Instagram: @makeup_and_hair_by_samson_lei

Personal style of Make up: I can go without makeup on a normal day to a full faced makeup depending on the occasion. Your signature make up look, whether it is bare skin, a red lip, a full face including highlighting and contouring or no make up at all, is the beauty equivalent of your look- for me it’s the true representation of your personal style. Just like defining your own style, developing a signature make up look is a very important process. I don’t believe in ‘style typologies’, and I’m not going to prescribe a certain look because of your hair, skin or even your wardrobe – your unique signature make up look should depend entirely on your own definition of style, your preferences and also your daily routine.

Challenges while doing celebrity make up: The hardest part about this job is dealing with so many different personalities and making everyone happy. But I’m very careful about who I take on as a client. For some reason, I am really lucky with all the people I have worked with so far. I have the nicest celebrity artists now I can call my friends more than clients.

One Thing you like about celebrity make up: A perk of doing celebrity make up is forming close relationships and building trust with the people I work with often. Like if I’m working with someone really lovely, it’s fun. I have worked with a lot of celebrities, it’s like a little family sometimes and for someone like me being away from home: that indeed brings me pure happiness.

Trending styles in Makeup: For me no trend goes out of style as long as you are confident and carry it off well. From lips to brows to unexpected color or even to dewy skin with subtle makeup or even lush lashes nothing can go off trend this season.

A Make Up Faux Pas To Avoid:  One needs to really be able to distinguish between day wear and night wear make up.

Five things in your Vanity bag:  You will find a lip balm, perfume, a branded rouge powder, mascara and an eyebrow pencil.

A beauty regime you swear by:  A good night’s sleep, drinking a lot of water to help my skin feel hydrated, cleansing and moisturizing the skin before you hit the bed and a good SPF to protect your skin from the heat is key beauty regime I swear by.

A memorable celebrity experience: Every celebrity experience has been special to me, to each his own; but for me I’ve been blessed with lots and lots of good memories.



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