Make Up Trends For The Year 2020


The New Year already has a few makeup looks doing the rounds. Here are a few that caught our eye…

Text: Bindya Devi Talluri

  • Coloured eyeliners – This trend is going through the roof. Everyone seems to have nailed this look. It’s very simple, just use a nice bright eyeliner and line your eyes.
  • White eyeliner – Talking about eyeliner still; white eyeliner is also trending. Not sure how much it would suit our Indian skin tone, but it sure looks catchy.
  • Blue eye shadow – This could me my favorite! Classic blue is the Pantone colour of the year and of course it is being incorporated into makeup looks as well with blue eye shadow, blue kohl pencil, blue eyeliner and even blue mascara.

  • Eye embellishments – Using embellishments on the outside end of the eyes or even along the eyeliner is a big trend. It’s a bit out there for me personally but its trending nevertheless!
  • Random eyeliner – So this is quite random. The idea is to have the eyeliner drawn on your crease. I mean it’s nice on some looks but don’t see this going too far.
  • Neon or fluorescent inner corners – Just a dash on neon on the eye is a big trend. This is totally a cool look especially when you go for these music festivals and carnivals.

  • Glow skin – Minimal foundation but extra glow is a nice natural look this year. Just dab a little concealer and some highlighter on the cheeks and you’re good to go.
  • Conscious make up – This is probably the most important trend. People are careful about the products they are buying and want to know its sustainable or not and if they’re made with proper ingredients that aren’t harmful. Women are more conscious about makeup that’s going to nourish their skin and dual actions is what they prefer.

  • Red lips – Classic red lips never go out of style. Add a little dark brown and try some goth look too.
  • Gloss lip paint – Subtle lip stain is big this year. Koreans do this all the time. Just dab some lip paint or stain on the inner parts of your lips just to give it that slight flush of colour. And voila, you’re set!





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