Mahesh Bhupathi shares London cues


Headed to London for the ICC World Cup and Wimbledon? Tennis Star, Mahesh Bhupathi shares London cues for the perfect vacation. With over 52 titles to his name, Mahesh Bhupathi – the famed tennis pro has always been on the go travelling the world, exploring new cultures and cities along the way. If there’s one thing Mahesh Bhupathi knows his way around, aside from a tennis court, it’s probably travel. With the ICC World Cup and Wimbledon right around the corner, Airbnb has the perfect guide to London for all the sports enthusiasts, courtesy India’s tennis star Mahesh Bhupathi.

From favoured stay options, and the best restaurants in London to the activities that will truly enhance your World Cup experience, take a look at Mahesh Bhupathi’s expert guide to witnessing London like a true local:

  • While the ICC World Cup/Wimbledon is the reason you’re in London, a trip to the British capital is not complete without a tour of the local bars. Known for its vibrant pub culture and love for lager, don’t forget to carve a little time out to Discover London Secret Bars like a local. “When in London, I love acquainting myself with different local brews. Each one is so unique! There’s nothing like sauntering into a bespoke bar hidden away between the bustling streets” – Mahesh Bhupathi
  • When in London, a little taste of the Victorian era is a must. “London is a treasure chest of unique period activities. From tours to immersive activities, these are a definite must try!” shared Mahesh. Try out Airbnb’s Penny Farthing Bike Tour, that will take you peddling back in time through the streets ofWestminster or A Secret Tour: Explore Hidden London for an insider tour of the incredible history and diversity of London.
  • For spectacular food in London, head on over to Mahesh’s favourite restaurant, Indian Accent. A little piece of home mixed with London glamour, one is greeted by sleek velvety green and polished brass interiors. The only aspect more satiating that the contemporary interiors is the consistently mouth-watering menu. Mahesh’s other must-try is London’s famous Bob Bob Cité that’s said to be modelled on the Orient Express. Aside from the breathtaking marble interiors, and carefully curated menu Bob Bob Cité’s royal treatment serves dinners champagne at the touch of a button.
  • “Whenever Lara and I travel, we’re always on the lookout for space so that Saira can play and experience her surroundings to the maximum. Travel should be comfortable and convenient. We like having more than just a bedroom to live in and the privacy is just an added plus!” Whether you’re one of the few who have burned a sizeable hole in your pocket procuring World Cup tickets; or if you’re part of the group that planned ahead – there’s an ,  for everyone. Check out Bolton Gardens Lodge for a comfortably chic stay in the trendy area of South Kensington or LUXURY brand NEW 2 Bed 2Bath/ Central London Zone1 for a quintessentially London abode.
  • Lastly, for Mahesh, travel is incomplete without a dose of physical activity“I’ve always been a fan of sporty activities and surprisingly enough I have discovered so much more about a new place doing activities like cycling and kayaking rather than the more generic tourist activities,” Mahesh shared. When you have a little downtime, post-matched try Paddleboard through Regent’s Park and immerse yourself in the prettiest parts of The Regent’s Canal or theUnseen London by Bicycle tour that takes you through the very best parts of the city. You won’t regret!


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