Madras Week celebrations


The Madras Week celebrations will be held from August 18 to 25. This year, the founder of the celebrations, S.Muthiah will be missing. It began in 2004 with programmes for just half a day and has now grown to over 100 programmes.

Historian Sriram said that Chennai is a great city to live in and the celebrations are purely a  feel good event. According to  Vincent D’ Souza, the editor of Mylapore Times, the date August 22nd was chosen  because it was the starting point for a metro city. An event for school children would be held at Srinivasa Sastri Hall where the students would present their stories on their research about the old stores. Incidentally, the US Consulate on Cathedral Road will be celebrating 50 years in Chennai. The entire events are voluntary. Those who would like to contribute or participate can email the editor at, or or



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