Maddy rides the AirBoard



R.Madhavan’s love for all things adrenaline pumping is well known. The adventure aficionado apart from owning an envious collection of bikes and being a professional golfer, recently also happened to be the first Indian to ride the Chic Air Board.

A cross between a segway and a skateboard, the revolutionary vehicle is a self-balancing electric board that remains stationary until a user steps on it. Riders then power the device by leaning forward. The AirBoard reaches speeds of up to 12mph and cover 20-25 kms/hour.



While shooting in London, Maddy traveled on the sets with the air board. While the vehicle is fast gaining popularity abroad, it is yet undiscovered here in India, making Madhavan, the first Indian to ride it.

Says Maddy, “ Its novel, fast and revolutionary and I enjoy discovering these fun advances in technology. It saved me a lot of time traveling to and fro from the sets and brought out the child in me, which is always a great thing”.



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