Instagram Diaries From Scotland – Vikram Cotah


The country is a treasure trove of big skies, lonely landscapes, outstanding sea-food, the finest single malts and of course, legends galore. The dynamic Vikram Cotah, CEO of GRT Hotels and Resorts and his family took a road trip through the scenic highlands. From the streets of Edinburgh where they tucked into fried Mars bars, fish and chips, washed down with a fine local brew, tastings of various single malts sold on the streets of the capital city, as well as visits to some of the finest distilleries, they did it all.

Driving around the countryside in a sturdy Fiat Diablo (for Vikram laments that the amount of luggage his wife Sowmya and daughter Ramya had would not allow him to rent a muscle car) they drove through stunning towns from Oban to Skye, onward to the plateau of Cairngroms, the Speyside and finally took a cruise on the Lochness in search of the mythical, elusive monster.
Huddled in winter gear, for the temperatures oscillated between 10 to 18 decrees Celsius, the Cotahs explored as much of Scotland as they could over a span of 10 days, ensuring that they kept the RITZ mailbox filled with chronicles from their dream holiday.



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